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Regardless of the fact that we are liberal or conservative, we first and foremost ALL are Americans. We all have been separated by red or blue like the gangs have. BUT ask yourself, who benefits from all this separation?

We all have a foot in the game. Let's begin to talk to each other. Let's respect others views. Let's do more listening then yelling at each other. I am positive we all can compromise to get a better deal for the advance of ALL AMERICANS

People will not always get what they want, but this is the core principle and essence of the constitution.

So I will run a positive campaign on the hope and the future of Milwaukee WI-5 from all the farmers to the inner city I can relate please help me unseat congressman Sensenbrenner, he has shown he is more about the partisanship voted for trump horrific healthcare bill and Paul Ryan's  budget.

'Paid for By'  Committee to Elect RAMON H GARCIA
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