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Just Because I Fell short of signatures needed....

I am still a write-in! If you still want a TRUE progressive that signed the CFAR & CWAC that cares for PEOPLE over profit, Equality, No wall STRONG gun background checks, Increase taxes on the top 2% Healthcare IS A RIGHT ASSAULT RIFLES ARE NOT. WE MUST HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS BEFORE WE CAN TACKLE ANYTHING ELSE., We have been watching rights for blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQ and WOMAN go backward for the last 40 years its past time to finally represent the most abused people in our country the NON-WEALTHY, MINORITY, LGBTQ, and WOMEN'S RIGHT TO CHOOSE.


So I ask you, do we want ANOTHER establishment type or a true progressive who will put your needs before anything else? WRITE IN RAMON H GARCIA AUGUST 14, 2018 


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