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Reasons I am running

My passion for politics started many years ago but growing up adopted by an African American family and being Hispanic I never saw ANYONE in government who looked like me.
That was the 1980's to 90's, it was not until I saw Barack Obama speak in Illinois that the dying spark in my soul became a ROARING flame.
I had the absolute privilege to volunteer for Bernie Sanders. After being told I may not live let alone walk again in 2009, I was admitted to a hospice. I proceeded to NOT GIVE UP, not ever doubting the GOOD LORD JESUS CHRIST, nor myself I was able to WALK OUT OF HOSPICE to head to Las Vegas on a BUS by myself to stay with my Hero, Mentor, IDOL Ron H. I continued to work hard was eventually living on my own once again. I then created to show anyone who would join that #MultipleSclerosis is NOT A DEATH sentence. I proceeded to make videos on my youtube of basic work out I used to help me walk again.… I then Moved to Milwaukee, WI and have published 2 self-help books… and NOW I am running for Congressman for the Wisconsin 5th district seat. Looking for dedicated people who would like to volunteer or donate to my campaign. because I BELIEVE in people, The AMERICAN DREAM. Just because you are Hispanic, Black, White, Asian, Arab, Gay, Straight, BI, Trans or whatever YOUR orientation, I am with you!

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