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WE NEED Stop Forgetting

The African American and Hispanic people in our counties in Wisconsin District 5... This District has been Gerrymandered so badly it gave Jim Sensenbrenner and Paul Ryan and unfair advantage for the last 10+ years.

But let us not look past our communities have been beat down by an overall government that BARELY represents them or even looks like them.

We are seeing the disgusting vile coming out of OUR government that seems to be a shadow of Nazi Germany, The lack of empathy and the continuing growth of a narcissistic society is now growing a NEW generation of HATE FILLED BIGOTS and bully's womanizers.

This has to stop by us by resisting the false narratives they keep trying to push, refugees are dangerous Mexicans are rapists and the cause of most drugs entering this country, Haitians all have aids "why are we allowing those from SHITHOLE countries" "WE need more countries like Norway"

OK in 2018 we have a choice to start sending people to represent YOU and understand how you have to live or continue on this current road of Hatred and Racist ave we are currently on? 

#VoteGarcia #MovingforwardUNITED

'Paid for By'  Committee to Elect RAMON H GARCIA
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