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Why I am running

I got in this race believing that with Donald Trump only caring for money and himself and all of his GOP puppets like Jim Sensenbrenner who is the current congressman for district 5 here in Great Wisconsin.

I was adopted at 3 days old by an African American family, The JOhnson's were 50 years old when they took me home. Growing up I sat at my father's feet him explaining to me why people looked at us funny a little light skinned boy and a black father...

Also, all the racism he had to deal with growing up in Biloxi, MS in the 30's and 40's 50's 60's and so on. I remember in 1980 sitting on my dad's lap like I have done so many mornings before but this morning was different, my father was not his same old happy self, so I proceeded to ask him "what was wrong". My father then told me "Son when you get older you will understand more, BUt the guy I voted for unfortunately did not win and this will be a big step backwards for people of color". "But if you ever find yourself in a place to help people NO MATTER the COLOR RACE OR RELIGION, YOU be sure to help them, Do not forget ok son."

Skip to 2016, I was like many others dumbfounded when DJT won the Presidency... Now Fast-forward to today with the crisis going on at our border, our children being killed in droves IN OUR SCHOOLS, we are arguing over LGBTQ right still Black lives still do not matter in 2018 REALLY Healthcare is still a Business, People are still arguing over Science FACT on climate we are watching our government keep tunneling down the BIG MONEY hole.


I have not begged for donations refused to take money from BIG BUSINESS like COMCAST, GE, NRA or PHARMA. Because it is more about issues not how much money I raised...

But it is MY mistake to think ANY of the SO called people that were supposed to help did NOT.! But I tell you I will continue on until I see equality for all not for just a few.


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