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  Ramon Garcia is running as a Democrat in the race to represent the people of Wisconsin's 5th congressional district. After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 23, Ramon was forced to file for bankruptcy. He knows what it's like to struggle from paycheck to paycheck, and he plans to take this understanding with him to Washington. Ramon's platform includes support for Medicare for all, a $15/hour federal minimum wage, and investment in renewable energy.
  "To end Citizens United supreme court ruling to allow dark money to fund campaigns thus enabling people to buy election whether it is democrat or republican. We need a public financing system so people know exactly who they are funding. ALL Super PACs need to be banned plain and simple. I would Push for ALL supreme court judges to be voted into the Lifetime tenure, to ensure there is a NON-PARTISAN Court not liberal or conservative leaning but CONSTITUTION leaning!" — CWAC CWAC

— Jackie Joy

"Good afternoon everyone,

First, I want to say thank you to every single person that supported me, gave me a chance to speak, and share ideas. Since I announced in December of '16, it has been a learning experience, to say the least. When I made the decision to run for Congress, it was a huge decision. I knew then that it was going to be an uphill battle. The opponent I was facing in the general has been in office for over 38 years and he is in one of the most Republican districts in the state and even the country. I love a challenge, and deciding to run was no different. I have a clear vision of where I think we can be as a country. I know that we are filled with greatness, and have a chance to make a difference and change our current direction. I've enjoyed working to get my ideas out there and talking to you about them.
When I announced, I had only been in Waukesha for a few months. I didn't intend to run, but when the 2016 elections happened, I knew I wanted to do something. I moved to Waukesha for a promotion with the company I am with. When I accepted the spot, I was expecting my daughter and her mother to come with...that did not happen, and I was forced to leave my daughter behind. Over the past several weeks and months, it's become increasingly clear that my daughter is really struggling with me not being there all the time. Last week I had an experience that has pushed me to the decision that I am announcing today. The decision has not been easy at all as I have had a lot of people supporting me. 
Effective today, I am ending my candidacy for House Representative in the 5th CD since I will be moving back to Madison in the next few months.
We need a representative that listens to the people. We need someone who isn't tied to following the party but stands for what the party SHOULD stand for...the people. We need a candidate that knows the struggles of the average American like you and me. We don't need more lawyers or bankers, we don't need more politicians, we don't need someone who will bend over backward for the party. We need someone who will stand true to their beliefs and work every day to represent you.
With that being said, I know a candidate that I feel shares many of the same qualities that I was running on. Mr. Ramon Hyron Garcia may be a little rough around the edges, but I sincerely feel that he will not play party politics, and instead work every single day to listen to and represent you. I don't care if someone is the most polished person. Often, those that are the most polished have the most to hide. We need someone who is honest and stands up for what they believe. I hope you take a moment to listen to what Mr. Garcia has to say. I know I would be voting for him if I was still going to be in the district in 2018.
I again want to offer my sincere and heartfelt thanks to every single person that has supported me over the past several months. I know many of you donated to a campaign because I represented a David in a war against Goliath. While I am incredibly saddened by needing to leave, I will stand by my reason for leaving the campaign. I have throughout the campaign made it clear that my daughter was the most important thing in my life and the reason I was running. Right now, she needs me closer to her. I need to be able to be by her side if she cries for daddy, and right now I cannot and I need to change that.

Thank you, 

Shawn Rundblade"

— Shawn Rundblade

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